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The Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent when Buying a Home - Guest Post

As internet housing databases grow and real estate market details become more easily accessed, an increasingly large number of new homebuyers are attempting to face the rigors of house hunting on their own. Sure, stopping by that house down the road and having a peek inside can be accomplished without enlisting the services of a qualified real estate agent, but the intricacies of the home buying process go far beyond finding homes with ‘For Sale’ signs in the front yard. From refining your search to locate homes with all of the details upon which your heart is set to navigating the extensive supply of paperwork associated with making an offer and purchasing a home, the knowledge and expertise of a real estate professional can be priceless to improving your home buying experience. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of working with a great real estate agent when purchasing a new home.

Real estate agents are licensed professionals with a legal commitment to act in your best interest throughout your home search. The added peace of mind of having an expert on your team can take some of the edge off of buying a new home.

According to Investopedia, your real estate agent will most likely be bound by law to maintain a fiduciary relationship with you as a client throughout your home search. This means that your agent will be obligated to ensure that your best interests are at the forefront throughout the home buying process. While trusting the intentions of sellers may be a good idea in a perfect world, having an experienced professional reviewing each step of your deal is a good way to avoid an unfavorable outcome in the future. While having a lawyer on retainer could provide similar benefits from a legal standpoint, the value of real estate agents throughout the purchase makes buying a home without representation an illogical choice.

Real estate agents know their areas and neighborhoods inside and out. Finding the perfect home for your needs will be much quicker with a professional by your side.

While online home databases are great for showing you a large number of available properties, locating homes with the features that are most important to your search will prove itself a more difficult task. Without making real estate searching a part-time profession, you’ll need the help of a real estate agent to comb through the vast collection of listings to find the perfect home for your needs. For access to the listings that aren’t publicly available online and an extra level of knowledge regarding the special features you want in a home, depending on an experienced real estate agent is an irreplaceable tool for any successful housing search.

Negotiating without emotion can be difficult when your dream home is on the line. Your real estate agent can serve as a great insulator to prevent hurt feelings or personal issues from getting in the way of making a great business deal.

Whether it’s haggling over list price or negotiating for repair costs, keeping a level-head while fighting for a better value may be more difficult than you’d think. According to How Stuff Works, using a real estate agent during the negotiating portion of your home search is vital for removing emotions from the business transaction. Arguing for a lower price to remove outdated d├ęcor or update fixtures can become personal if feelings are involved, so using an experienced real estate agent to diffuse the potentially tense situations and keep the heat away from you is helpful for getting the home of your dreams at the right price.

Home purchase contracts can be dense and confusing for uninitiated homebuyers. With an experienced real estate agent on your team, you can avoid unfavorable clauses and protect your interests if the deal falls through.

Signing legal contracts without having an expert review them first is never a good idea. A qualified real estate agent will have the familiarity and knowledge you’ll need to comfortably navigate the legal documents required in order to make a purchase. Important clauses protecting you as a buyer should be reviewed and adjusted according to state law to protect you and leave a way out of your offer if purchase conditions aren’t met. With the help of your agent, you’ll have a better understanding of the documents that come your way throughout your housing search. With the intricacies and difficulties throughout the home buying process, it pays to have a professional protecting your interests.

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