Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mudroom Makeover: 5 Tips to Make this Space More Functional

When you live in Maine, a mudroom is almost a must-have. But how many of us ignore this secondary entryway, leaving it unattended and unorganized? Fortunately, there are simple ways to transform your mudroom into an organized, functional space. Here are five ideas to get you started:

·         Add a wash station. We all know how the kiddos track in mud and wet clothing after a storm. The mudroom is the perfect place to add a sink where you can spray off muddy shoes instead of letting them sit. In addition, add a stackable washer/dryer combo so you can stick wet clothes in immediately – you won’t have to drip through the house to get to your washing machine and you head off any moldy smells at the pass.

·         Put up a bulletin board. The mudroom, especially if located in the back of the house, is the ideal spot to post a to-do or chore list, as well as a calendar of events. Also, consider creating slots for mail storage, dividing bills, ads, and anything that’s outgoing.

·         Add shelving. Use the space to store items like extra books, school supplies, etc. Or, use the shelves to organize shoes, clothing, and other seasonal items.

·         Put in a bench. It’s helpful and convenient to have a place to sit when putting on or removing boots in the mudroom. Furniture also helps the room to feel more inviting and organized.

·         Create a designated area for your pets. Since pets are part of the family too, it’s nice to create an area where they can eat, drink, use the potty, and rest. Some ideas include adding a doggy door to the outside, hiding a litter box in a cabinet, creating a mini shower area for dog washing, and adding a crate or big pet bed for your pet’s comfort.

Whatever you decide to do with your mudroom, take the time to make it more functional. Consider what works best for your home’s layout and your family’s needs – and get started on your makeover today!

David Shapiro, a marketing specialist for moving companies such as North American Van Lines, enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, and seeing the world one place at a time.



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