Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 5 Luxury Home Amenities

Luxury real estate is known for providing owners with peace and tranquility no matter what the setting around their home is. When searching for luxury homes, many people include the amount and type of amenities that are featured in the properties. So what are the top five amenities people look for in luxury living?

Pools are one of the most popular amenities in luxury real estate. From infinity pools, outdoor and indoor pools, and pools that are various shapes, luxury home buyers strive to have a pool in their new home. Pools are a main attraction for guests, so many of these luxury homes have infinity pools, where the pools seem endless and are often combined with a fire feature that reflects on the water at night. These pools are also heated so that guests are able to enjoy the pool during cold Colorado winters. This tranquil setting is a way for guests and owners to relax after a long day.

High tech homes are important to the modern day buyer as well. High-speed internet, elaborate lighting and security systems, computer rooms and plasma televisions are things that luxury homebuyers desire. Having high tech gadgets in these homes are something that people see so commonly now that it is expected that all luxury homes are equipped with every gadget possible, even if they don’t need it.

In-home theaters are another popular amenity. Theaters that can seat 50+ people is an average amenity in luxury real estate, including cushy seats and a popcorn machine surrounding a large screen. These theaters are great for viewing parties.

An open entertaining kitchen provides a casual space to gather your friends or family. Giant islands are included to act as a separator between the kitchen and dining areas, in which case if it’s a formal event staff can be working behind the island, separating the guests and the staff.

Wine cellars are becoming more of an intimate entertaining space in luxury homes. They typically have a little table for cheese and wine tasting in a room that doesn’t have any windows to increase the level of intimacy. Wine cellars are kept at a cool temperature for the wine.

There are plenty of amenities that fit a certain lifestyle, giving the owner of the luxury home choices of amenities when searching for real estate. Wine cellars, open entertainment kitchens, high tech gadgets and pools are the top five amenities that are included in modern luxury real estate.


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