Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

It has been a great year and I am looking forward to finishing it off by spending time with my family.  This will be my last post of the year and I wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone. 

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope it has been helpful to you because it sure is fun for me.

I have the pleasure of working with two great organizations, Classic Window Systems and RE/MAX Oceanside, and look forward to an exciting 2012.

Have a great Holiday.  See you in the New Year.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maine Home Prices

I came across this article indicating that real estate prices are down in the US. However, when you read further, it says that Maine's prices actually went up when you exclude distressed properties.

It is still hard out there for a lot of people in our troubled economy, but I like to look at the positives.  I certainly feel a little better seeing this information and so should you. 

The reality is home prices were super inflated and the market needs that to be balanced out and more accurate.  Once that happens, then hopefully things will get back to normal.  I am not about to predict when this will happen - but I can predict that it will happen, as it always does.

Let’s hope Maine stays on course.

Click the link below to read more:
US real estate prices down 1.3% in October North America News



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ice Dams

It is 60 degrees outside and December 6th.  Hardly the time to think about ice dams!  Unfortunately, if you struggle with ice dams every year, it is time to think about it and get ready.

Some people will tell you that you need a new roof to fix ice dams.  A new roof with Ice & Water Shield will certainly help keep water out of your house, but will not necessarily cure the ice dam.

Other people suggest not installing gutters on your house because they will cause ice dams.  Gutters will certainly make ices dams harder to remove, but they aren’t the culprit.

The main cause for an ice dam is the temperature of your attic during the winter months.  If your attic isn’t insulated or vented enough, the warm air heats up the roof and melts the snow.  When that water runs down your roof and hits the cold air, it freezes up and causes the ice dam.

The simple cure is to have someone take a look at your attic and consider adding more insulation.  We recommend having R-60 in your attic.  Of course, Classic Window Systems will do this for you.  All you have to do is email or call me anytime J

More insulation will also make Your Home in Maine more comfortable and save money on energy!



Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adjustable Mortgage Rates At Record Lows | Fox Business

I am sure everyone knows that interest rates are low but I still can't believe they are this low. 

It really is a great time to buy a home.  Not only are interest rates low but it is still a buyers market.  You don't want to wait.  If you have the means to buy and are waiting for some reason, don't!

The other good thing about rates being low is you are able to use equity in your home.  Whether you need to do improvements or pay for your kids college it is very inexpensive to borrow money.

They can't stay this low forever. If you haven't re-financed your home yet I strongly recommend talking to someone. Let me know if you need names.

Click the link to read a quick story from Fox Business:
Adjustable Mortgage Rates At Record Lows